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XDOLoader : Wrapper Tool

The attached tool is a wrapper on top of XDOLoader. This is a convenience tool to scan all files in the directory from which the command is run and uploads them to the database.
Download here
Also create a file called install.txt( in your installation directory with the following contents and replace with the appropriate values:


Ensure that each entry remains on a different line in the text file. It is also important that the text file doesn't have any ^M characters.

Please note that the xml publisher files should follow the naming convention that is followed by XDOLoader DOWNLOAD. This helps the tool identify the Product short name/ lob code and the lob type as well. Once these are derived the only parameter that is needed to run xdoloader is the apps password that is passed as a commandline argument.
Sample files names when downloaded using XDOLoader download are:

The file in the link needs to be downloaded and renamed as

Once this is done you can run this in your unix shell as
perl apps_pwd

You can put this in the /bin directory and create an alias so that you don't need to type perl all the time.
eg. cp $CUSTOM_TOP/bin
alias xdoload='perl $CUSTOM_TOP/bin/'.
Then run the command using xdoload directly

This wrapper internally calls out to the XDOLoader class with the appropriate parameters as described in the post: Migrating BI Publisher Files: using XDOLoader FNDLOAD
Please do leave your feedback and comments it will help me provide something more meaningful going forward.

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