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Oracle EBS Customization Patch Impact Analysis Tool

Ever modified Oracle Source code and wondered what impact a patch would have in case it was in conflict with the modified code?

I have put together a tool to simplify the patching process and to ensure that the regular customization version checks are carried out at all times to check with modified source code and to ensure that patches that impact modified source code are flagged.

Here are some of the salient features of the tool:

  1. Tool runs with exactly the same parameters as adpatch
  2. Tool will check for all customized files(maintained in a file called customizedfiles.txt - attached). This is a tab delimited file and has some essential information i.e product/directory/filename/version/priority
  3. The tool will look for these files in the patch being applied. If it finds a matching file it will look for the versions. If the version mismatch and if the patch brings in a higher version depending on priority the tool will either raise an error/warning
  4. If there are no issues with the patch everything will be green and the tool will launch the real patching process i.e adpatch.
  5. The priority column can have values 1 or 2.
    • If it is a 1 then if there is a mismatch in versions all errors are shown in red and an email with subject : “HARD STOP: “ is sent out to notify of the priority. At this stage all the decision makers need to get to work to decide if the patch/customization needs to take priority. 
    • If the priority is 2 and there is mismatch it will show as warnings in Orange (shown below). This implies that there are impacts and that code needs to be modified(this could be as simple as regenerating a VORowImpl or could involve more complex tasks. The significance is that priority 2 is NOT a SHOWSTOPPER. E.g some nice to have personalization which deals with displaying an additional column but is not business critical vis-à-vis the patch.
  6. If everything remains green then the patch goes ahead and launches adpatch.
  7. Emails are sent only if there are errors or warnings and not for any other reason.
  8. Any number of recipients can be added to the email in
  9. For HARD STOP’s the recipients must have an active role to perform as soon as a HARD STOP is received
  10. The program as of now is called  (download ) and it can be aliased to xxadpatch to keep it very similar to the standard tool name.
  11. You should create a directory /patches and put the file customizedfiles.txt under   /patches/DBA/customizedfiles.txt.(download a sample here) If you wish to change the location you need to modify to reflect the same.

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