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Oracle e-business OA Framework - Enabling Personalization

In order to enable personalizations in OA Fwk there are a few profile options that need to be set:

Profile Option Name     Value Comments
Personalize Self-Service Defn  YesThis is to turn on personalization at user/responsibility/site level etc
FND: Personalization Seeding Mode  Yes    This is to be able to create User views in search query regions
Create Seeded Personalizations  YesThis is to created seeded personalizations that cannot be overwritten by end users
Disable Self-Service Personal              NoThis is to turn off personalizations completely. 
FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled  Yes         This will enable the personalizations link above each region in a page if the profile option is enabled.

If you want to see the about this page link you need to turn on :

FND Diagnostics: Yes
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