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Oracle MSCA : Device Setup

Steps to setup a Device if needed:

We can start out by just verifying if the Devices are starting there connection with the a Command File?

Take the deviceIP_template.ini under $MWA_TOP/secure and copy it to deviceIP.ini

Now do the following in the deviceIP.ini:

Under the [map]
Set the IP address based on your network architecture for the Devices. Example..... to will be symbol devices


// Wildcard at the end of IP address is supported. This can be used to load the right configuration file based on the ip address range that you allocate to specific devices.



Do you notice the above devices listed under [device]? This is what the user is prompted with to select before Log In, but now any IP address connecting with 10.192.70.* should go right to the symbol.ini file.

Now create a symbol.ini if Symbol Devices did not provide a default ini.

Because you are using GUI Devices, we can try and see which .ini BEST FITS/FUNCTIONS for your devices.

Make a copy of your gui_key.ini file and rename it to symbol.ini

With in this files(your new symbol.ini) you can play with the contents during testing.

IF FOR SOME REASON the gui_key.ini did not work out for you after modifing and customizing the parameters, you can copy and and rename the default_key.ini to symbol.ini.

Please understand MWA does need to be bounced for the new .ini files to take affect. So before testing the .ini files, MWA must be bounced.

Need to follow up with the Vendor for the devices, to make sure we have the best configuration for your device.

If you wish to add the symbol devices option for the users to choose you can set this up using the following sequence:

1. Navigate to AK Developer and find the region MWARUNTIME.

2. Navigate to Region Items and create a new attribute for the device you are setting up:
Create a new attribute with the attribute name that matches the device name under map. The prompt for this device will be chosen from the long prompt that you define against the attribute.

Finally this shows up on the startup screen as follows:

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