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Migrating Oracle e-business Business Events

To download Business Event System object definitions from a database in Oracle e-ebusiness to a flat XML file, you can either run the Workflow XML Loader manually, or, if you are using the standalone version of Oracle Workflow, you an use a script to run the loader.

To run the Workflow XML Loader manually, run java / jre against 

You must specify your CLASSPATH pointing to the Java Runtime Environment, the directory containing the Workflow JAR files, the Oracle JDBC implementation, and the following Workflow JAR files:

• wfjava.jar - Workflow Java utilities

• wfapi.jar - Workflow Java APIs

java -classpath "$/rt.jar:$:$/wfjava.jar:$/wfapi.jar:$/jdbc/lib/" [-d|-u]   <apps_username> <apps_pwd> <server:server_port:sid> thin US <filename> [EVENTS|SUBSCRIPTIONS] <event_name>

  • Specify whether you want to upload(-u) or download(-d)
  • Specify the apps user name and password
  • Provide the server details i.e the servername/port/sid
  • Provide the name of the file to which you want to download or from which you want to upload
  • Specify whether you want to download subscriptions/events
  • Specify the name of the event for download

Sample for downloading events:

adjava -d aapps **** myserver:1541:sid thin US ./xx_oracle_apps_po_rfq_event_RFQActiveEvent.wfx EVENTS

Sample for downloading subscriptions:

adjava -d apps **** myserver:1541:sid thin US ./xx_oracle_apps_po_rfq_event_RFQActiveEventSubscription.wfx SUBSCRIPTIONS

Sample for uploading events

adjava -u apps **** myserver:1554:sid thin US  xx_oracle_apps_po_rfq_event_RFQActiveEvent.wfx

Sample for uploading subscriptions

adjava -u apps **** myserver:1554: sid thin US  xx_oracle_apps_po_rfq_event_RFQActiveEventSubscription.wfx

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