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INV DEBUG: How to get Debug Information for Inventory Material Transactions [ID 148651.1]

In Oracle e-business Inventory transactions you might need to enable logging to get detailed debug messages.

This article deals with how to get Inventory (INV) debug information for material transactions?


1. Set the System Profile Values as follows:


-- Summary

INV: Debug Trace: Yes

INV:Debug Level: 10

INV: Debug file:  /usr/tmp/invdebug.log

-- Details

INV: Debug Trace: set Yes to turn on the debug functionality.

set No to turn off the debug functionality.

INV:Debug Level: set 0 , will print the summary debug messages.

set 10 , to print the detail debug messages.

INV: Debug file (Including the complete path):

The path is one of the directories from the valid

directories defined in the obtained v$parameter

through the following sql :

select value

from v$parameter

where name = 'utl_file_dir';

Make sure to include the file name at the end of the

path, e.g. '/<>/trx_mgr.log'

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