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Oracle e-business Code Migration Tool

Oracle e-business Code Migration tool : is a smart installation tool to install customisations for the Oracle e-business suite. It is designed to make the process of installing e-business customizations least intrusive and doesn't require any attention once the process has been kick started. The tool relies on code being organised efficiently in a pre-defined directory structure format. Once the code is presented this way the tool reads the files and installs them. It ascertains the type of file that you are dealing with and chooses the appropriate installation method. The expected directory structure is as follows:

1. sql  - For all sql files

2. pld - for all form library files

3. ldt - for all ldt files

4. reports - for all reports files

5. forms - for all forms files

6. java - for all java files. If you need to create OA Fwk files create the complete package structure

    for both server side and webui files. i.e

    A typical region file would be under: oracle.apps.xx.webui.ABCRN.xml

    A typical View Object file would be under: oracle.apps.xx.server.ABCVO.xml

7. jsp - for all html files

8. xmlpub - for all BI Publisher related files i.e data templates/bursting files/ rtf files etc.

All files in the xmlpub directory need to be downloaded first using XDOLoader DOWNLOAD command. This would ensure that they are named as per

the right convention that would help the tool ascertain the lob type/lob code / product short code and other details required to upload the file to the database.

9. images - for all images that need to be copied into $OA_MEDIA directory

10. jlt -  for all jlt files that need to be installed for all AK Developer objects.

11. wft - for all wft files for workflow related installations.

12. wfx- for all business event files

13. prog - for all host concurrent program files. This would also create the soft link to $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr 


The usage of the program is :

perl <apps_pwd> <custom_directory> <debug=[true|false]>
e.g perl **** ./RFC123 debug=true

This program uses a pre-defined file install.txt(download) that has the following entires:

This is required so that knows which database to use to upload sql files/ parameters to pass to commands like WFLOAD/FNDLOAD etc.

This is a one time setup and once created this file can be put in a given location and the environment CONFIG_FILE is defined to pick the location of this file.
Please refer to Installation/Setup section for details.

This program creates 3 different files:
1. log.txt - contains the log messages for all scripts/programs that are run.
2. debug.txt - contains the debug messages from useful to see the code flow.
3. scripts.txt - contains the exact commands run by in case you need to verify what the program has done.

The program has a couple of pre-requisities:
1. perl should be installed and libraries for Open2 should be available.
2. Ant should be installed. This can be downloaded from here. Ant is required for compiling java files.

1. Once the pre-req programs/software is installed you can copy $CUSTOM_TOP/bin
2. Copy install.txt $CUSTOM_TOP/bin
3. Create an environment variable CONFIG_FILE pointing to $CUSTOM_TOP/bin/install.txt
4. Create an alias cinstall='perl $CUSTOM_TOP/bin/' . This enables you to run the program as cinstall rather than perl

Please do leave your feedback it would be extremely valuable.

This is a comprehensive tool for most files used commonly in any customization in Oracle Applications e-business. Should you come across files that you use on a regular basis that are used for any customization in oracle e-buisness that need to be incorporated into the tool please let us know and we'll make the changes accordingly.

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